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Aug 18

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I’m a visual learner and now I’m an alcoholic. Thanks, Obama. 

I learn better from experience, one of each please! 

White Russians though

my brother got me wasted from white Russians when I was 7. What a good babysitter.

I love this proportional presentation, but it could be a little confusing since some of these drinks are meant to be layered (meaning they would look more or less exactly like the illustrative diagrams) while some are meant to be mixed normally.

A pousse-cafe (spelling) in particular should not be mixed, as the flavors weren’t picked for going well together but for looking neat side by side.

It’s meant to be poured one liquer at a time, slowly over the back of a spoon, in order of densest to least dense so that the liquids form individual distinct layers, which are then sipped one at a time through a straw.

The entire point of the drink is to show off the bartender’s skill at layering the liquids, and the visual appeal of the rainbow that results. Mixing it would give you something muddy and unpalatable.

Looking closer I see that each one has, in the middle of the little pie chart, an icon to denote preperation. Like, the pousse-cafe has no icon, which presumably means do not mix, but there are some with blender icons (I assume that just means to mix thoroughly, because I’ve never seen anyone blend a white russian or a rum and coke) and some with cocktail shaker icons. I’m not sure what the icon next to the margarita/pina colada is (possibly it’s a stirrer, maybe means stir but not mix as throroughly as the blender?) or what the HELL is next to the zombie (looks like a pizza wheel???????????????????????) but yeah. Instructions are there.

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from what level of hell was this retrieved?
Jun 30


from what level of hell was this retrieved?

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Ultimate bae

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girls who can run in heels should be feared

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Jun 25
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I constantly want to get super super drunk hahahahahahahah


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it’s been like two years and her impression of gwen stefani makes me cry every damn time

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